China-UK Blockchain Association

China UK Blockchain Association (CUKBA) is a bridge that connects Chinese Fintech entrepreneurs, investors and experts with UK Fintech community. The core vision of the CUKBA is to improve and transform existing distributed ledger ecosystems by bringing together key influencers and organisations from the public and private sectors. We are dedicated to the globalisation and mainstream adoption of Blockchain technologies and vowed to become the most decentralised tools for blockchain communications.


A proven leader in crypto events and seminars, we have provided valuable, bespoke investment advice for a range of clients at different stages of the project. CUKBA is proud to be the catalyst to help facilitate growth by utilising our extensive resources and constructing a valuable future for our partnerships within the flourishing industry. Join us to receive the latest updates on seminars, events, roadshows, or cooperative opportunities.

Our Leadership Team

 "Connecting the fastest growing technology industry" 

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