Our founding members and advisors are from the worlds of Blockchain, Academia, Entrepreneurs, and blockchain engineers, venture capitalists and marketers who have profound knowledges and experience in blockchain technologies, which underpins a spectrum of premium services provided by CUKBA:


As Fintech and Blockchain technology develop and increase their presence in the media, the public has an increasing interest in these innovations. As it matures and attracts wide-spread attention from our society, people have demonstrated a strong passion to understand and participate in the revolutionary change brought by these disruptive technologies. CUKBA decided to take the lead and fill the market gap to offer quality education not only to practitioners but also the general public. Fintech Connect offers opportunities for blockchain companies/education institutions to connect with the general public and synergic partners, investors and talents, We organise sponsored public lectures and networking events. 


Fintech Brand allows companies gain exposure to mass media in both UK and China. We offer ‘content as a service’ to our clients and publish event recap of our activities which is a popular stream of communication to the Chinese public.


The future of innovation lies in entrepreneurs. Based on CUKBA experience in venture capital and incubators working closely with start-ups, Fintech Business are international in their nature. While CUKBA has fruitful resources in VC and incubator industry in both China and UK, we offer the China-UK blockchain incubator programme that helps UK companies to develop their market in China. Please contact CUKBA for additional information.



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